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The Israeli Civil Administration in the Hebron District has distributed demolition orders for four homes in the villages of Litwani and el Rakiza in the South Hebron Hills. These homes belong to Fadil Rabae, Mufdi Rabae, Hama Rabae, and Khader Salman, but the administration claims that the families do not have permission to build in the area. Simultaneously, the Israeli soldiers confiscated a car belonging to resident Ahmed Abu Eid.

Residents in the villages in the South Hebron Hills report an increase in the attacks by Israeli soldiers and settlers over the past month. Especially in the village of Litwani. The policy of demolishing Palestinian homes to make room for Israeli settlers has been going on for years, and there has been a rapid expansion in the number of settlements in the area. Therefore, it seems clear that this policy of demolishing homes is a part of the attempted deportation of Palestinians in the area. 

However, this is not only an issue in the South Hebron Hills. In the north of the West Bank, the Israeli authorities have started building a new road for the settlers in the area. The road will be 8 kilometers long and connect the settlement blocks in the southern Nablus district with the settlements in the North Valleys. 

According to Palestinian activists, this will result in the damage and confiscation of thousands of dunoms of land. Areas that primarily contain olive trees, which belong to Palestinian farmers from villages as Duma, Talfeet, and Karyout. So besides destroying their plantations, this new road will also isolate the Palestinians in the North Valleys further. 


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