This Thursday, the occupation municipality in Jerusalem has forced the Shuqairat family to demolish its three homes in the southern East Jerusalem neighborhood Jabal Mokabber.

This policy of forcing families to demolish their own homes has escalated in East Jerusalem in the past years, and several months ago, the same family had their homes demolished as well. However, they built these new homes for the three sons of the family and chose to reinforce them with sheet iron.

Om Muntasir Shuqairat states that the municipality ordered them to either demolish the houses themselves or pay for the authorities to do it. This happens under the municipal claim; that the family does not have a license to build in the area.  So, despite the emotional harm, this meant to the family, they felt forced to do it by their own hands. The Shuqairat family is now forced to live in tents despite the severe conditions of the winter. Om Muntasair states that the family will stay on their land despite the difficult conditions under the occupational policies. They will not leave it.