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Israel's West Bank annexation plan is threatening the existence of Palestinians.


Today Palestine is in crisis, due to Israel's annexation of the West Bank. Supported by the United States, Israel is getting bolder with the plan. Then, what actually happens in the country of Anbia now? Consider the 5 things that must be known, in order to be able to understand the current issues in the country of Anbia, in Palestinian news



Annexation; Illegal Acts, Why?

Although many countries condemn the annexation plan - because it is likely to undermine the "Two-State Solution" plan, in fact that is not the reason why Israel's actions are illegal.

An international legal expert, Maha Abdallah, explained that the act of annexation was a unilateral coercion of a territory by a foreign party, which meant the acquisition of an illegal territory.

In fact, international law does not make the occupation illegal in its entirety. However, it has made many restrictions, especially to prevent it from turning into annexation, which is illegal.


Maha Abdallah also explained; as a basic principle of occupation law, the 'occupying power' does not acquire sovereignty - in any way - over the occupied territories. That is why annexation is strictly prohibited, under the Charter of the United Nations (UN) and the fourth Geneva convention.


Human Rights Violations

The imposition of foreign sovereignty over territory can deter pribumi from self-determination, which is the most basic human right . However, in the case of the Palestinian territories, Israel's annexation has gone beyond the realm of "indigenous prevention from self-determination". It has influenced to the most basic, individual human rights every day.

For example, around 63 Palestinian communities in the Jordan valley count; 100,000 inhabitants live under the full control of Israel. They are also surrounded by approximately 36 Israeli settlements, the number of illegal settlers reaching 11 thousand people.

According to Fares Fuqaha, a legal researcher in the Jordan valley and residents of a Palestinian village, Ain Al-Beidah, in the northern Jordan valley, explained that most of the territory had been exploited by Israeli occupation, for the benefit of illegal settlers.


International Responsibility for Problems

Prohibited by the adoption of the UN charter in 1945, annexation gives responsibilities to other countries that comply with the United Nations, or 'third country'. As shown by Rania Muhareb (Researcher in Law and Human Rights);

"The 'third country' has the responsibility to not recognize the illegal situation, not provide assistance or assistance in its maintenance, and to work together to end illegality. However, in the context of Palestine, the responsibility of the 'third country' only reaches the stage of 'not recognizing', but secretly they continue to defend the illegal situation. "


Termination Efforts Didn't Work, Why?

Nada Awad, a human rights worker, states that international law is quite clear with regard to the illegality of annexation, but the international legal system does not have a mechanism to implement the principles of international humanitarian law. This is why implementation by the 'third country' is based on political will, he added.

The fact that political motivation is the only way to stop a particular country - which violates international law, makes respect for human rights subject to political and economic calculations, based on interests.

"Political and economic countermeasures, including sanctions, have been carried out by the European Union to retaliate for the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia," said Nada Awad.


So Will the Termination Effort Work Successfully?

From a practical standpoint, annexation has been happening for years. The settlements are effectively treated by Israel as part of their territory, which is connected to the heart of the Israeli occupied territories, which are completely separate from the surrounding Palestinian territories.

Indeed, fundamentally, annexation will not occur, but has occurred even since 1980. However, annexation is not the end of the story. Apart from the occupation and all their colonialism practices, and despite the ineffectiveness of the international system in stopping this, Palestinians defend their land and face all obstacles.

Their loyalty was a form of resistance on the front lines and the only fact on the ground, that the occupation was unable to change it. This loyalty could eventually change the situation, but Palestinians cannot make it happen themselves.


Today, more than anything else, their loyalty must be supported by all people in the world, especially when many countries have thwarted them - in an effort to regain the rights taken away. Because after all, our world is built by people, not countries. 

Source. Quds News Network


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