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The betrayal of the Palestinians by Arab States, and the failure of the Arab League to collectively deal tough with the USA and European powers, has a dominant message for Palestinians. Their struggle for liberation is theirs  to fight alone in the political arena. The Arab League is a selfish entity that will stab the Palestinians in the back when they see trade and commerce deepening their pockets. Most western rulers are too cowardly, even racist, to choose Palestinian Arabs over and above the Israelis. Blood is thicker than water.    

It was in 1987 when the world awoke to the fact of the Palestinian struggle and its revulsions. The First Intifada was a wakeup call. With sticks and stones, young people brought the mighty Israeli army down to its knees. When the Intifada was done, peace talks began and things seemed to be getting better. Once again, Madrid and Oslo turned out to be stabs in the back by an international community keen to stick hogwash into what they call modern diplomacy. Powerful countries used their clout into creating deceitful arrangements that further worsened the Palestinian plight. When things worsened, came the Second Intifada, far worse in the extent of violence by both sides. The Palestinians fought ferociously and westerners still disapprove of the methods used by the Palestinians. Between the suicide bombers, the West judged the IOF guns and jets as being more civilized. It would have been hard to find a westerner in those days who affirmed the right to resistance and armed struggle. After all, Israel had no business occupying Palestinian territories, creating settlements for Jewish invaders, dispossessing Palestinians, and committing atrocities of every variety against the Palestinians. Israel had absorbed all the characteristics of a Rogue State which violated every possible international law. 

 Prior to when the Intifadas happened there was the time of the armed struggle. Harsh as the outcomes were, it worried the world. The biases were visible. When Israel used weapons, and tanks, and other crude forms of warfare to impose policies of subjugation, they seemed more civilized simply because they were modern products of technology built by a corporate military-industrial-complex. On the other hand, the suicide bomber was just too crude and disgusting for the so-called civilized world. The gullible West, in particular, swallowed every lie and propaganda of the Israel regime. Then came the Gaza wars when Palestinians showed that, even though they were militarily weaker, they could coerce Israel to stop the attacks. Gazan fighters used crude bombs that did enough to send Israelis scurrying away from their homes seeking cover any place thy could find in  Tel Aviv. The truth is that it was they, in their anxiety to return to their homes, who forced the Israeli military machine to ceasefire. The damages were far greater on the Gaza side, but Israel also faced the wrath of the militant Gaza fighters. The Gazans put up a defense while Israel began the offensive under childish pretexts that their people were being threatened by crude bombs. It was even more angering to see how Zionist mobs stood on hill tops watching Gaza get pounded and applauding every time bombs destroyed homes and infrastructure and killed innocents. Little wonder, Israel now finds itself in the ICC tainted with the  blood of innocent, women and children.  Gazans live in permanent jail like conditions, deprived of basic necessities only because Israel wants to inflict deprivation and punish them with lack of access to all elementary human rights.

Palestinians have the human right to resistance. So they will fight back and, indeed, they must. Ideally, the means will be peaceful.  What use is the peace of the graveyard? But then, the onus is on Israel to surrender all that they have illegally acquired, suspend the use of cruel armed tactics, and act in a way that they place justice as a precondition for dialogue.

How governments around the world  will react is a big question mark? The UN has failed to make any impact and little else can be expected when big and rich powers use their powers of veto and money to influence UN actions. It is now left to the streets of the world- people who will express their solidarity through sturdy street protests, and the boycott of anything Israeli. History has shown us that boycott movements can effect profound change if enough people take up the call to obstruct Israel’s attempts to use economics and trade to gain its status. Arab nations on the verge of making diplomatic deals with Israel must be stopped in their tracks by people on the streets. World opinion is vital here.

Ranjan Solomon     


الاراء الواردة في المواد المنشورة على صفحه مركز المعلومات البديله- فلسطين تعبر عن رأي كاتبها ولا تعبر بالضرورة عن رأي المؤسسه.
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