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  1. Trainings: Workshops, seminars, courses, tours and field visits to learn about the social and political issues facing Palestinians and in particular Palestinian youth and other minority and/or marginalised groups within Palestinian society.
  2. Voluntary work: Reviving the concept of voluntary work through development and support for youth-led field initiatives.
  3. Joint initiatives and exchanges:Creating and sustaining a platform on which diverse Palestinian populations, including Muslims, Christians and refugees, young women and men can meet and learn together, overcoming social, religious, gendered and geographical divisions that currently keep them apart and help to sustain stereotypes and limited understandings.
  4. Meetings with political parties and NGOs: Facilitating exchanges with Palestinian youth, who will learn about these social forces and how to hold them accountable.
  5. Public events, media work: Encouraging Palestinian youth to share their problems, ideas and solutions with the wider Palestinian public, opening up discussions and avenues for exchange.
  6. Public advocacy campaigns: Transforming the knowledge, understanding and relationships gained into wider advocacy campaigns to impact and benefit both youth and Palestinian society as a whole.

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