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On February 7, the first training workshop for 2021 on political and social education was held under the title (Democracy and Palestinian Elections). Which was held in the hall of Ibadaa center - Deheisheh. Taking into account the health prevention measures through social distancing and wearing masks. The workshop was part of  the program of promoting civic and democratic participation of Palestinian youth between the Alternative Information Center - Palestine and Action Aid - Palestine

The workshop was attended by 25 young men and women from the program groups from different areas of Bethlehem and Hebron governorates. In the presence of Wissam Al-Shweiki and May Al-Qaisi from Action Aid Foundation and Nassar Ibrahim, Ayed Hosheya, Ahmed Abu Hania and Ahmed Jaradat from the Alternative Information Center - Palestine.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Ayed Hosheyeh, the program coordinator, with a welcoming speech to the attendees, noting the importance of the title proposed for discussion at this stage in Palestine, where dialogues are taking place between the Palestinian Political  Forces on their various lines about the elections after the approval and issuance of the Palestinian President, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, the decrees of the legislative and presidential elections and the National Council.

Mr. Nassar Ibrahim, Director of the Alternative Information Center - Palestine, and in an introductory speech to the workshop, spoke about the democratic process and election , indicating the concept of democracy as a theoretical and historical concept and its practice in reality, politically, economically and socially in general. Then he turned to the Palestinian reality with its specificity, as part of the Palestinian people reside in Palestine and the largest part in the Diaspora and Refugee Camps, and what this carries in terms of complications regarding any elections, especially the National Council, which represents all Palestinians, and what is taking place at this stage in terms of preparations for the elections, and the state of discussion and attention among Palestinians at the level of Palestinian political forces and civil society institutions. He stressed that this workshop comes within the political and social education program of the AIC-P  and Action Aid Foundation - Palestine, in order to create a state of interaction, brainstorm and exchange of ideas, and to deepen discussion on this issue, especially among young people, as they represent the importance in Palestinian society as all societies.

This was followed by dividing the attendees into four groups, each group discussing a specific title related to the topic of the workshop:

- The first group discussed the difference between the institution, the democratic process, the electoral process, and the parliamentary institution.

-The second group discusses the political challenges that govern the electoral process in the Palestinian reality, the difference between the Palestinian Legislative Council and the Palestinian National Council, and how to link them.

- The third group: the influence of external forces and conditions on the Palestinian elections and their goals.

- Fourth Group: Social and service challenges and goals that affect the Palestinian elections.

An open public discussion took place at the level of all attendees about the answers, conclusions and opinions of each group in the title that they were interested in. A discussion also followed about the conditions and factors that enhance the role of youth in the democratic process.

In conclusion, the workshop was evaluated by the attendees, who emphasized the importance of what was discussed and the need for attention and focus on this issue, especially at this stage, and the generalization of organizing similar workshops in different regions, and mobilizing the largest possible number of young men and women to engage in it to enhance their awareness to be a force Active and influential in the Palestinian political and social life.

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