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. Within the program of civil and democratic participation for Palestinian youth joint with Action Aid - Palestine, the Alternative Information Center - Palestine organized on Sunday, June 27, 2021 a seminar within the program of fake borders, in which the writer and former prisoner, Amir Makhoul, spoke. He spoke about the socio-political reality of the Palestinian society in the 48 areas. The Israeli policies famine the Palestinians in this society, which focused for decades to separate them from their Palestinian and Arab depth. And a continuous attempt by Israel to change the awareness of the masses of 48 about their national and national identity. This has been the course of their struggle for decades to preserve this identity in a harsh conflict with the Israeli colonial state. Amir touched on the recent events that formed a cumulative model of a long struggle in the involvement of these masses in the issues of their people, especially what is happening in Jerusalem because of its symbolic and importance to all Palestinians. At the end of his lecture, which was conducted via the zoom technology, he answered the questions and interventions of the participants, especially the youth.

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