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In recognition of World Youth Day and within the frame of Civic and Democratic Youth Participation Program, implemented jointly by AIC- P and Action Aid- Palestine, a voluntary day was arranged in Ubediya Village to contribute in improving the internal environment of the secondary school in the village. The activity was implemented in coordination with counseling department at the ministry of education- Bethlehem and the youth group in the town with whom the organization works. Both Manal Issawi, the coordinator of the youth group in Ubedeya and Ahmad abu- Hania, Youth Program Coordinator at AIC- P, contributed noticeably in coordinating the activity in which 40 yout activists participated and took place on Saturday 21/8/2021. The participants drew graphics on the internal and external walls of the school containing educational and national slogans. Additionally, the surrounding of the school was cleaned and the group will visit te teachers to congratulate them for stating the new school year and distribute some gifts among them. The AIC- P is planning to conduct a similar initiative in Beit Sahour in cooperation with AIC- P Friends Committee .

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