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Jerusalem neighborhoods are still exposed to more land confiscations by the
Israeli occupation. Confiscating lands and homes in favor of settlement projects,
displacing Palestinians from their land, and creating a reality in Jerusalem in order
to put more pressure on Palestinian citizens to leave their lands. This occupation
policy comes within the framework of the well-known plan to create a reality in
the city (a Palestinian minority and a Jewish majority). This continuing policy
against areas in Jerusalem inhabited by Palestinians.
This multi-faceted policy includes demolishing homes, harassing Palestinians,
checkpoints, isolation, and daily assaults, as happens in holy places such as Al-
Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, but the most obvious and dangerous of
this policy is the confiscation and control of lands.

The Elad settlement association, which is known for organizing and sponsoring
operations to control Palestinian lands in Jerusalem, has been active for decades,
and it is an association that sponsorship and support from Israeli governments.
Yesterday, Tuesday, December 22, 2022, dozens of settlers affiliated with this
association, under the auspices, protection, and support of dozens of Israeli police
and security personnel, stormed the Al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan,
Jerusalem, and close to Al-Aqsa Mosque. These settlers stormed by force the
land known (the Land ofAl hamra) of five dunums, which belong to the Greek
Orthodox Monastery in Silwan, and are owned by Palestinian citizens. The settlers
fenced off the plot of land as a prelude to confiscating it for the benefit of the so-
called (Biblical Garden) project, which is cursed by the aforementioned
During the raid, the Palestinian citizens prevented the settlers from fencing the
plot of land, which led to clashes and fist fights between the two parties, and the
occupation forces intervened and their members beat the Palestinians, and three
Palestinian youths were arrested.

One of the owners of the land, Mr. Shadi Samrin, stated, "We were surprised
when the settlers stormed our land and put a fence around it with the support of
the occupation forces, and we will continue to confront them with legal
measures, as this case is being followed up in the Israeli courts." He added that
we have owned this land for seventy years, and with this policy they are working
on displacing us and controlling our land by force.

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