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Ahmad Jaradat
The policy of isolating Jerusalem from its surroundings in the West Bank is a policy
of isolation at all levels of life, and it is a policy that is increasingly comprehensive
in the forced separation of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank, despite
the fact that occupied Jerusalem has always been the center of commercial,
social, media and cultural movement in the occupied territories.
Within the framework of what the Palestinians affirm, the occupation policy is to
isolate Jerusalem from its surroundings in the West Bank political, economic and
social, and to close the city for nearly two decades with military checkpoints,
military crossings and the separation wall. And preventing the residents of the
West Bank from entering it except with a permit from the occupation authorities,
the Israeli police and security agencies men in the past days, and by a decision of
the Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gavier, stormed Marcel
Company for TV Production in Beit-Hania in Jerusalem.
The occupation authorities arrested and interrogated a number of the company's
employees and correspondents, and the decision signed by Gavier stated that this
comes because this company sends reports to Palestinian Television agencies, It
includes incitement against Israel, according to what was stated in the raid
In addition, Ben Gavier, in a decision against the Palestinian media activities,
signed a decision banning the Voice of Palestine Radio in Jerusalem and Areas 48.
The decision also included the removal of the radio's broadcasting towers in
It is worth mentioning that the attack on media and cultural institutions in
Jerusalem is an ongoing policy and is not new. Four years ago, Israeli police and
intelligence forces stormed the offices of Al-Arz Company for Distribution and
Television Production in Al-Sawana neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It used to

broadcast Palestine TV programs, and at that time the company was closed on the
pretext that it did not obtain a permit to work in Jerusalem. The writer, political
analyst, and specialist in Jerusalem Rasem Obaidat issues stressed that this
argument is flimsy, and that the aim of storming and closing it is part of the
comprehensive attack on Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem, especially the
cultural, media and youth institutions.
Jerusalem has historically been a center for Palestinian institutions, trade
unions, and media and cultural agencies, but two decades ago, with the closure of
Jerusalem, and the prevention of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip
from entering it except with a special permit from the occupation, the annexation
decisions, the construction of the separation wall around Jerusalem, the
establishment of military checkpoints on the entrances of the city , and many
separation policies Jerusalem is separated from the rest of the occupied
Institutions and trade unions in general have been subjected to many restrictions
and closures, isolating them from communicating with their extension in the West
Bank, as is the case with trade unions and media agencies...etc. In this regard, the
human rights activist and coordinator of the Civil Coalition for Human Rights in
Jerusalem, Mr. Zakaria Odeh, confirmed, "This is not the first time that
institutions in general and the media have been subjected to storming, closure,
and restrictions. The Israeli security services closed the Palestine TV offices in
Jerusalem some time ago and arrested some of its employees, journalists, and
correspondents." He added that “most of the development, health, agricultural,
educational and youth institutions in Jerusalem have been subjected to the same
policies over the past two decades, and since 2000 around 48 institutions and
associations have been closed in Jerusalem”.

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