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With the beginning of war in Gaza after the seventh of October, the Israeli
occupation authorities took a series of escalations and violations against the
Palestinians in the West Bank, most notably the comprehensive closure and
isolation of cities and villages from each other with hundreds of military
checkpoints, and the closure of roads with cement cubes and rocks. Movement
between these cities and villages was also comprehensively prohibited.
Throughout the days of the war on Gaza and until now, the occupation authorities
have carried out widespread arrest campaigns that have so far included more
than 1,600. Dozens of citizens have been subjected to attacks by soldiers and
armed settlers, especially in the northern West Bank. Attacks that have included
raiding homes, burning crops, and throwing stones at Palestinian cars, as happen
almost daily. In villages in the northern West Bank, such as the town of Huwwara,
where armed settlers are deployed on the main road to the town, they also
destroyed and burned many shops located on the main street.
In Jerusalem, the closure was the most comprehensive, and entry into or exit
from Jerusalem was restricted by closing all crossings and checkpoints that
separate the city from its surroundings in the West Bank, in addition to closing
dozens of roads leading to many of the city’s towns and isolating them, as
happened in the villages of Al-Sala’a, Jabal Al-Mukaber, and the village of Sheikh
Saad Southeast of Jerusalem. Worshipers were also prevented from reaching Al-
Aqsa Mosque to perform prayer rituals. Dozens of worshipers, especially young
men, were beaten and arrested when they arrived at the gates of Al-Aqsa
Palestinian protests and demonstrations against the aggression and war on Gaza
were suppressed. The repression included firing live and rubber bullets and tear
gas bombs. This led to the martyrdom of 12 Palestinians in different areas of the

city. Dozens were injured, many of them seriously. In addition to this, schools and
institutions have been closed since the beginning of the war Gaza Strip on the
seventh of October. Due to the comprehensive closure of the city, the inability of
people to reach the West Bank, and the disruption of commercial traffic, prices
rose very significantly. This closure, which is still ongoing, has led to the inability
of citizens in Jerusalem to communicate with their relatives living in the West
Bank, especially the cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem.
In Jerusalem, especially in the Old City, settlers have attacked shop owners and
Palestinian citizens dozens of times, especially young people. All this with the help
of security personnel and police who did not prevent the settlers from carrying
out these attacks. Hundreds of settlers also stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa
Mosque, with the sponsorship and support of the Israeli police. This was
accompanied by attacks and escalation against the Palestinians, especially women
in the mosque, who as a result of these attacks suffered noise and fainted due to
the throwing of tear gas bombs, rubber bullets, and stun grenades.
The raids by the Israeli security forces on Palestinian villages and areas in
Jerusalem are almost nightly, and arrests are made, especially in the villages of Al-
Issawiya, Shuafat Camp, Silwan, and Qalandia. These raids were accompanied by
attacks on homes, destroying their contents, and beating residents, especially
young people. The state of discrimination between Palestinian citizens and
settlers in Jerusalem is clearly evident, as the Palestinians are subjected to
collective punishment and measures over time, including restriction of movement
and raids, while the settlers enjoy freedom of movement and practice their lives
normally. In a conversation with several representatives of civil society
organizations and citizens, they confirmed that a state of anxiety is gripping
citizens regarding the escalation of these grave violations, and that all aspects of
life in the city have been paralyzed and stopped, as many political analysts,
human rights activists, and activists in social and youth coalitions told the media.
Especially since this dangerous escalation is an extension of the violations that
Palestinians have been exposed to in Jerusalem for years and their escalation over
the past two years, including house demolitions, arrests, closures, and the policy
of displacement.

What is clear during these weeks is that Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem are being
targeted systematically and rapidly, and it seems that the occupation authorities
are taking advantage of the media and the world’s preoccupation with what is
happening in Gaza to escalate their violations in Jerusalem in service of their
declared project after the annexation of Jerusalem and the increase in settlement
activity in Jerusalem to create a harsh and difficult reality for the Palestinians due
to their systematic displacement.
​Ahmad Jaradat – AIC-P

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